A commitment to innovation and sustainability

Working towards creating better products using the latest technology.

We are a team of technology enthusiasts located in Toronto. We have worked in Technology not as a career but out of passion. Our goal is to work with business to solve problems and make a difference. We have helped a lot clients navigate technical journeys. We intend to make a difference and provide some long term solutions.

A passion for creating products

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from startups to large businesses.

Business Process Automation

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with converting manual process to automated tasks.

Mobile Apps

We have the ability to develop useful, user friendly and effective mobile apps.

Web Apps

We have build a lot of Web Apps that are scalable, reliable and does provide the user with a very easy interface to control their processes.


We have a lot of experience consulting with large and small businesses. To look beyond, we think outside the box to solve problems

Wordpress development

Be it a Wordpress theme or a plugin, we are there to help you put your vision in place.

Website Development & SEO

In this digital world, a business needs a website with a good SEO strategy to build a brand.

An array of resources

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.

Études Architect App

  • Collaborate with fellow architects.
  • Showcase your projects.
  • Experience the world of architecture.
Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

Études Newsletter

  • A world of thought-provoking articles.
  • Case studies that celebrate architecture.
  • Exclusive access to design insights.

“Études has saved us thousands of hours of work and has unlocked insights we never thought possible.”

Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint

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